Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Glencoe Beacon Park

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Hamish MacInnes is opening the first on snow avalanche transceiver training park outwith a major European or North American ski area on Saturday. Sponsored by ANATOM the Back country Access importer to the UK, and hosted by Glencoe Mountain ski area and ski patrol. The area is easilly accessed on foot via the chairlift for uplift or can be skied into as part of a signal search for those wanting to test or practice their transceiver skills. The park will also have a probing area with objects to "feel" when conducting a formal probe or as part of a pinpoint final search on companion recovery. Supported by the SAIS and Mountain Safety Forum this park should help Freeriders, Back Country Ski Tourers and rescuers practice in a relatively snow sure and realistic way. Individuals should speak to ski patrol and groups might be best to phone ahead. Donations for upkeep and further development welcome. BCA Distributor

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