Thursday, 28 January 2016

In the Shadow of Ben Nevis

I can't wait until I can order a copy of this book. My second pair of boots came from  "Nevisport" with it's big husky on the roof in about 1972 when I was 15/16. A proper climbers shop. My first boots (bought for me by Hamish from George Fishers for acting as a runner on rescues) were taken from the front porch at Kingshouse after coming off Ravens Gully and getting drunk. They also sent a duvet jacket I had ordered by letter with postal order over with Dave Knowles on the Ballachulish ferry one Friday, and the next night was spent out with Euan Grant below and right of Ossians cave and it saved my life. Without doubt the best climbers shop ever as started and run by mountain men.

Ian will be speaking at this years FW Mountain Film Festival.  Don't miss it.