Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Beacon Searching Skills & Fun

Esther finds a chocolate Orange under a shrub
Becky on signal search while Dunc unwraps his choccy bar
What to do with the kids on Xmas eve?  Give them some clues involving word searches and advanced higher maths (Fiona made some really good ones up for them) and once they solve the puzzles give them Tracker 2's to search for presents buried around the garden under piles of snow. I reckon my kids are better with a transceiver than most.  Fun and play makes learning easy.
Keith & Christine practice with Tracker 1s

Inside the heated cabinet.  A nice job by "Bravo 1"
I was up the hill today in the murk having a test of the BCA system and talking about what to add to the park.  Quite a bit to do but one things for sure it tests your transceiver skills

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