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Snowpulse Saves a Life - Nomads

 These mad mothers got tramped.  Hey it could have been worse and a grenade could have fragged them.  Watch and see in this clip how mad the mothers are:

One of these guys had his ass saved by a Snowpulse bag.  Checkout the series of photos on the slideshow at the start   (ouch the leg looks sore! by clicking here)   and here's a translation thats pants, but gives you the gist:

On Saturday December 11, 2010, Nicolas Falquet (32 years) had the fright of his life when heskied with his  brother Loris (30 years) and the young Valaisan Jérémie Heitz (21 years). It s' d' acts; an additional safety member “Our product allows d' to increase in an important way the chance of survival in case d' avalanche. Since 2007, we had 27 deferred cases people who used this product in a positive way. It s' acts only of the cases for which we received a report/ratio. It must have some well more”, explains Pierre-Yves Guernier, chief technical officer of the Valaisan company Snowpulse SA, whose seat is based in Verbier and who has as ambassadors the brothers Falquet and Jérémie Heitz. “We insist however on the fact that Life Bag n' is not infallible and qu' it must be regarded as an additional element of the panoply which any amateur of except track should have. The fact d' to be equipped d' a system airbag as ours should not be to be regarded as a full power to go to make except track without any risk” How does it go? Technically, its originators thus explain that the Snowpulse bags comprise a airbag integrated in the straps, qu' a cartridge of compressed air located in the rucksack. In the event of avalanche, l' airbag inflates in 3 seconds by traction of an ergonomic handle. Once inflated, this one supports the protection of the user against the shocks and thanks to the physical phenomenon of opposite segregation, it brings back the victim to the surface of the avalanche. The physical principle of the “opposite segregation” shows that in a fluid moving, the large particles, with equivalent density, are found on the surface of this one after a certain time. L' airbag increases the volume of the victim while decreasing its density, which causes to improve its floating. Tests avalanches carried out with mannequins of 90Kg also made it possible to show the part which the position of the airbag compared to the body of the victim plays. It was noted qu' a airbag located around the head and on the thorax supports a position head on the surface and on the back, limiting thus largely the hiding of the face of the victim. “After having consulted charts weather, we decided to return to us on the field of Lauchernalp, in the valley of Lötschental. One skied for us, just for the pleasure. Without camera, pressure. One wanted just s' to burst and make the uneven one. One did not know this station and one discovered a really cool place, all did jusqu' well; in d' beginning; afternoon…”, explains the professional freerider. Drama with 3000m d' altitude “After to have already skied several hours, one was at the top d' a corridor with approximately 3000 meters d' altitude. C' d' was difficult; to estimate the quality of the snowy coat and the risk to engage there. The danger of avalanche was of 3 and one was aware qu' it was consequently necessary to be careful”, continues Nicolas Falquet. “J' decided m' to hurl in first in this corridor jusqu' then immaculate. J' made the first trace without m' to delay, while skiing hyper quickly, a way of limiting the risks. Loris and “Kid” (the nickname of Jérémie Heitz) followed. Two others freeriders local also descended this corridor after us, at intervals less intense than ours, by connecting short turns”, specifies l' amateur of slips. “At this time, I said myself that j' were going to pay it expensive!” “With Loris and “Kid”, one went up second once at the top of this corridor which we liked well. I am this time left in third after my two accomplices. C' is whereas the drama occurred. I had hardly engaged that j' felt that left. After a first turn on the left, all s' is put moved as if one withdrew a carpet under my feet! J' started my airbag at once. It s' is inflated in a few seconds. But, j' however violently typed rocks with the knees and there, I said myself that I was going to pay expensive…” “J' was then carried, maintained on the surface of l' avalanche thanks to my airbag (explanation of its operation in l' framed opposite). That n' therefore was not a moment of pleasure. This n' was not a quiet descent as on a buoy d' Aquaparc but rather an interminable fall as in a washing machine! With precedes some the Na feeling not to know when that went s' to stop! J' in particular crossed a bar of rocks of 5-10 meters in height. I finally stopped the head on the surface d' an avalanche of 5 meters d' thickness.” “J' have vomit of snow” “J' stays slept on the side. J' had just an arm buried because of my stick blocked by snow. J' shook the head, vomit a little snow and j' noted that I had left myself there without too much evil! With final, I felt just a pain with the right knee which had morflé well during my fall. It was cut rather deeply, from the skin had been torn off. L' was seen; articulation…”, note the Of Vaud one. “I do not know really what started the casting which m' but c' carried; is clear that j' made a connery and that I l' have escaped beautiful. The system d' airbag that j' carry at the time of my exits m' saved the life! That was a beautiful demonstration of l' effectiveness of this safety member!” “J' believed that my brother was going to remain there” “With Jérémie, one had to be more shocked than him! I had just finished my run when j' saw all the face going down! I said myself that if Nicolas were inside and qu' it na' avit not engaged its airbag: either he had died or j' were going to inherit a handicapped brother with life! ”, explains, on its side, Loris Falquet. “Time qu' l' lasted; avalanche m' appeared interminable. It is only when the cloud of snow s' is blurred, after perhaps 1 minute 30, that Jérémie saw the bags oranges of l' airbag of Nicolas. Qu' was then seen; he moved. When one l' joined, one noted with relief qu' it was almost unscathed!” Héliporté with l' hospital of Viège, Nicolas Falquet remained 3 days there. Put under antibiotic to avoid an infection, its knee was drained. The Of Vaud one could bank up the skis the weekend spent, after 3 weeks of convalescence. He explains to have given the slats “with a certain apprehension to the beginning but without to be traumatized at the point to see from now on avalanches everywhere”. A system which proved reliable This system had already saved the snowboarder Xavier of the Street. On March 29, 2008, the made French of the catches of sight Were worth some, in the solid mass of Châtelet, with the extreme limit of the solid mass of Mont Blanc. Taken in an avalanche, it starts its bag ABS (for Avalanche Airbag System, the competitor of Swiss Life Bag), before d' to be carried by an immense wave of snow. 

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