Friday, 26 February 2016

Size 3 Avalanche Glencoe

22nd Feb 2016 Large Avalanche "Fly Paper" Piste Glencoe Mountain

One of the rights of passage for many of those venturing into steeper ground this is an excellent run when open, but it's often closed because of ice and avalanche danger. The same applies to the two other steep lines off the ridge to the side of it . Heed the warnings, don't duck the ropes to ski it, and if you want to ski the mellower "East Ridge" talk to the ski patrol first when this side of the mountain is closed. Take advice from them. The concern is always that less well equipped riders and skiers will follow your tracks and not make the safe drop in decisions and choices of an experienced Freerider. Have a care for others less equipped and experienced. 

Piste Closed!
Spontaneous Release
Crown Wall 2.5m+
Crown Width 50m
Vertical Travel 250m
Distance Travel 900m+
Size 3
click images for bigger size
Classic avalanche terrain at 43 deg on Scotland steepest piste. Upper section can be steeper!
Lower debris pile and runout with bench terrain trap visible above
A small part of  the upper debris pile and greatest depth on a natural bench and terrain trap.  Both Beacon and Recco Sweeps done.

SAIS Glencoe Snow pit profile from previous day while wind was moving snow
Day after with the morning sun showing the now partially filled in crown wall. This crown is much lower than previous slides on this slope which tend to occur  slightly higher, propagating from the rocks top left and up and right. This web cam is 3km away.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Airbag Refill System

I have x 2 brand new BCA Float Airbag Cylinders for sale at £100 each. Also I am selling a Float Cylinder Refill system. This includes a certificated and tested dive tank and the refill adapter to connect to the above cylinders and refill them. The tank is full. I would be looking at £200 for this. I am too out the way for doing the refills. My last customer drove over from Aberdeen as I am the only place doing it and he said next time it would be eaiser just bying a new cylinder! Maybe an opportunity for someone more central.