Friday, 24 December 2010

Avalanche Risk

Hi folks. Some good skiing to be had at Nevis Range this week on wind packed powder from last weekend.  Glencoe is very lean with only the Main Basin & Happy Valley any good . Nice to get a blast in. though  Skied Bandit B23's which were nice and easy, then next day moved onto a pair of Head monster fat skies.  Not reallt desigbed for firm snow these were hard work but will be good on the softer stuff ,but not as good as the Movement "Jams".  The average temp at sea level has been around -10c for the last week forming large surface hoar growth from sea to summit. A very early season alpine type snowpack being shallow, allowing vapour transfer, and extremely cold air temperatures with a clear sky. It's not rocket science to know that if it snows on top we will have serious instabilities within the snowpack for a considerable time, that is until these crystals are wiped out by a thaw.
23rd Dec Snow Pit Glencoe Mountain. top "V" symbol is for surface hoar
Sea Level Hoar- In my Garden!
Very pretty but lethal in the snowpack with snow on top. Outside my bike shed!

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