Saturday, 18 December 2010

Ski Patrol Training

16 new patrollers after last weeks course at Nevis Range.  I gave a couple of lectures to them and was struck by how strong a course this one was.  Well done course director Jeff, Christine, Richard and Helen for such a good week. This week also saw myself and the lads from Anatom with Glencoe staff install the BCS Transceiver park.  Still a lot of work to do to get it ready.  A probing area, fencing and info panels still to go in.  During installation I used the DTS 2 to  map the park and see how it worked.  This week I also updated the 40 Mammut "Pulse" we have for touring and climbing at JSMTC.  It left me in no doubt that the DTS2 is by far and away the best Transceiver.  It's nice to totally believe in the product range you sell.  Also good news from Anatom this week, they have a test pool of Dynafit skis.  I hope to have some to test and introduce folk to so get in touch if there is a particular ski you would like a run on.

Two examples from this weeks ppt lectures on "Heuristic Traps" or cognitive thinking process's that lead folk onto avalanche terrain:

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