Friday, 21 November 2014

Pre Season Avalanche Safety Offers

Transceivers (Avalanche Beacons)
Ortovox Zoom+  £159  A good basic 3 antenna beacon

Ortovox 3+  £225 New model with software upgrade and mark feature.  3 antenna with smart antenna technology

Ortovox Zoom+ Safety Box (Badger Shovel, Economic 240 Probe & Zoom+ Beacon) £216
Tracker DTS £160 Only 2 Antenna but still superfast.

Tracker 2 £225 The fastest and best beacon, simple, reliable and 5 star IMHO. 3 antenna and SP mode

Tracker 3 £265  Small 3 antenna beacon with big picture view and signal suppression

ARVA “Neo” £225 The Neo is a fast 3 antenna beacon with mark feature. Scored 5/5 in recent Beacon Reviews test
Ortovox “Beast”  £43

BCA B1 Ext £49 Cracking shovel that extends, digs well and is good for snow profiles

B2 Ext £54 Bigger blade than the B1 and also excellent
Ortovox Economic 240 £35 A good enough simple probe for those on a budget

Ortovox HD pfa 240 £55  Better, stronger and recommended if your serious

BCA Stealth 240 £54 Very fast deployment with the legendary BCA quality

BCA Stealth 270 £59 As above but even stronger and longer this is the one for when the shit hits the fan as a professional

BCA Stealth 300 £64 Strong, long and fast to deploy this is best for search and rescue teams dealing with deep burials.

All the above come from a Scottish distributor (me) and with the manufacturer warranty.  I am a listed BCA avy educator, ortovox safety academy and pro member of the American avalanche association. You have a problem I will sort it.  As an add on benefit, I am happy to do some free basic beacon training at one of our sponsored training parks.  I can move a little on price for larger single orders. I am happy to take orders up the hill to Glencoe in season but will charge some P&P at a token rate for posting and standard parcel force for large orders.

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