Friday, 21 November 2014

Avalanche Course Dates and Equipment Offers

Avalanche 101 at Glencoe Mountain.  A serious subject, but no reason why learning can't be fun!
Due to the success of last years courses hosted by Glencoe Mountain we are pleased to offer the following dates for courses this winter:

Friday 6th Feb 2015
Friday 13th Feb 2015
Friday 20th Feb 2015

Further dates to come for February including more weekday courses if there are groups and demand

These are £40 per person with shovel, probe and beacon free to try for folk who don't have their own. I may have some demo beacons which you can try. While there won't be a lot of free skiing, we will be skiing about during scenarios and there is the chance of a quick blast at lunch and at the end of the hill training before meeting to debrief at the Cafe Ossian. I hope to be able to organise lift passes at a special rate. This is an avalanche avoidance course with beacon training following the teaching format of BCA's 101 system.
  • Weather snow and meteo
  • Avalanche release
  • Victim triggered avalanche: Snap, Crackle and Pop
  • Avalanche Forecast Interpretation 
  • Pre trip planning and pre depart Beacon checks
  • 4 "A"'s  of planning and slope assessment
  • Slope assessment the 3 "C"s before you drop in 
  • Beacon Searching 101: Three phases of a search, including signal spike, antenna orientation and smart antenna technology, Micro Search Strips/3 circle, Mark/Flagging Pitfalls and Problems
  • Probing 101: Including radial probing during pinpoint
  • Digging 101: Strategic shoveling and conveyor shoveling
  • Victim recovery:  Triple "H"
This training meets the basic log book requirement for avalanche level 1 for the British Association of Ski Patrollers

I can supply Ortovox and Back Country Access equipment. If you buy a Beacon (transceiver) from me I am more than happy to run a free familiarty session up the hill. While there may be cheap deals "online" you won't be buying from someone who knows the strengths and weak points of various beacons, who has been at the sharp end of victim recovery and can offer proffessional advice and training on the slopes.

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