Sunday, 5 October 2014

Training and AGM BASP 2014

Fiona and I have just got back form an excellent weekend training meet and AGM for BASP.  Kate Hunter and the Glenshee Patrol team provided interesting speakers and very credible medical scenarios and workshops. We also had RECCO training from Peter Vieder of the Austrian Rescue service as up at Glencoe Mountain Ski Patrol we now have one of the new R9 RECCO receivers. Invercauld Arms down in Braemar fed and watered us very well indeed and the staff were very helpful and friendly.  This was also Fiona's retirement bash as she is retiring as administrator after 23 years at the helm of BASP. Like me she will stay involved with the association and may well be skiing a lot more than biking over the winter. She received gifts of two very high quality garden benches, flowers and a case of Champagne as well as many cards and hugs from all the great friends and colleagues we have at the evening meal.  The helm is now in the process of being handed over to Jess Higton based in Aviemore who is a good safe pair of hands. So BASP has a strong team of women running the show with Christine, Carol and Jess. 

We had an excellent boot fitting session from Andy Cuthill of "Freeze" which was really informative. The stand out lecture for me was Dr Luke Regan of HEMS New South Wales Australia talking about managing casualties in harsh environments. Pre Hospital care has come so far since the early days and I felt quite ancient having to admit I had done an ATLS course in 1991.  Some photos of the weekend to give you a flavour.  Well done the Glenshee team and especially Kate.

Kate gives us our marching orders
Alan Baillie with a MacInnes Mk4 museum piece

Car park probe line and Recco training from Peter of the Bergrettung
Cas Evac back to base

Luke Regan talking about NSW HEMS. 
Peter Vieder of the Bergrettung starting our Recco training

Killin MRT showing their muscle
A bit of hard work after hoisting out the gully

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