Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Avalanche Safety Gear Winter 18/19 Prices

Ascent 22 with a carbon cartridge. Very light and perfect for Ski Patrol or Scottish off piste and day tours
The average depth of a buried skier is 1.5 meters. You need a good shovel and a structured method to remove the snow fast and get the victim's airway cleared. Time to dig is "Triple H" the killer triad of Hypoxia, Hypercapnia (re breathing your own Co2) and Hypothermia.

Winter around the corner and a very successful back country gathering in Edinburgh will have stoked folks up for getting out among the mountains next snowfall. Below is a price list for avalanche safety equipment that I sell. While I also retail ARVA and BCA stuff I tend to mainly sell Ortovox these days. This is for a number of reasons.

Ortovox do a full range of kit that I retail. From high quality outerwear to base layers. All well thought out and working as a layering system. It's also pretty gucci! Ortovox run a safety academy and education package which allows retailers to offer a bit more than just sales. For example if you buy a beacon from me I offer an hours free training at a beacon training park. Ortovox have a long history of manufacturing avalanche beacons. Their kit is extremely high quality and reliable and meets the practical function and design requirements of professionals working in the mountains. Avalanche safety kit must never fail, and so this quality and well thought out design makes Ortovox the best in the market in my opinion. While this post is about avalanche kit I can also quote you for clothing.

Prices indicated do not include P&P. If you are local I often meet up with folk in the ski areas or can get stuff to you or if you cover the postage I can send it. Ask for a quote if you want a bigger order and I can see what i can do.

Pro Alu III shovel. This also converts to a hoe which is really important when using the conveyor method to dig a victim out quickly as it speeds things up clearing behind the diggers on point

This is the best beacon for pro use with its advanced multiple and deep burial modes and a visual "game" level display of each victim. Unlike most 3 antenna beacons it calculates a direct line to the victim. Very clever!

320 PFA Probe. As a pro user perhaps also working with Winter ML groups you need a longer probe for picking snow hole sites and also a longer one for the deep burials common to buried mountaineers in terrain traps

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