Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The "Preacher"

I don't often wax lyrical about ski's as being in the business sometimes like bikes one set becomes a bit like another.  I ski a variety of ski's.  I like my Movement "Jams" for general stuff and for Freeride touring nothing beats Dynafit my main range ,and best selling stock.  Currently I am on Dynafit  "Guide XL" and they are so sweet for Back Country tours.

I approached "Whitedot" last year as their demo days up at Glencoe Mountain seemed successful, and folk who tried the range really liked them. So I got a pair of "Preachers" to test.  I have only had a chance to ski them two days over last weekend when up at Glencoe with the ski patrol at BCA training park which I look after. The touring kit has been going well so I haven't pushed the Freeride Alpine. Big mistake! I skied them Preachers hard and in the deep stuff for two long days with lots of turns in the deep and steep.  They are  probably the very best Freeride ski I have ever slid on. They carve a nice enough turn on the groomers, but put them in slop, powder or indeed anything where a bit of float helps, and they carve - oh boy do they ever!  You get noticed due to the minty colour and the width but it's cool.  They are the best.

I am not sure what the availability is for the rest of this season.  I know that other brands I deal with are short after ISPO as folk are getting rid of stock ready for next seasons line up. I hope the Preacher doesn't change too much as it's a top ski.  So if you want a pair at least let me know and I will get in contact with Whitedot.
THE PREACHER  The ultimate all-mountain fat ski that gives massive amounts of float in the fresh, though the positive camber and full length torsional stiffness allows for an incredible edge hold on even the hardest of pistes.
Designed with a 155 wide tip allowing for a weight forward stance for ease of turn initiation and contact point forward tapered tip to avoid hooking in the soft stuff. From tree runs to the biggest back bowls to the last piste home, these skis will put a grin on your face!

Effective Edge
Weight (pair)
ISO 7200 sintered, die cut
169, 179, 189
14m, 16.5m, 19m
149cm, 158cm, 166cm
Poplar/Ash Laminate
1.8mm steel, 360°
Screen Printed & Lacquered
3.9kg, 4.3kg, 4.7kg
3.6mm x 9mm drill bit

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