Friday, 6 January 2012

Lectures and Skiing

What a winter this has been so far! Three Hurricanes and extensive damage at all levels with the local ski area Glencoe suffering extensive damage to huts.
Top "T" Bar return hut.  Blasted!
Major dumps of snow followed by big increases in temperature resulting in big purging avalanche activity, then either crust or ice when it freezes.  I had a good afternoon at Glencoe yesterday to sort out the Transceiver park which got wrecked in the thaw with some beacons faulty, but at least five are working. I helped out the Patrol with a casualty as well.

One that bites the dust but should be ok

Mud and wet snow slide off Broad Buttress BEM
The next while I have curbed  running avalanche training and will just be keeping it to a minimum fulfilling my lecture series for BASP, MRC of S and the MC of S at local venues.  The Ski Patrol Avlx course will go ahead at Glencoe if we get conditions and on the 22nd as part of the FIS World Snowsport day I will be up at Glencoe running companion rescue workshops for Glencoe Mountain and will hopefully have some demo gear to show folks. I have been setting up lectures for the series and thought this series of pics would be of interest. These profiles are for my own use and education and in no way meant to replace the expertise of the SAIS.  They do provide a background to my own knowledge of snow in breadth as well as depth so that teaching companion rescue is in context with other knowledge.

The day before. Surface Hoar
Hoar Layer
The day after the storm  and a loaded "Cam Glen" run
Big Crown Wall of the slide that went on the Hoar layer
Transport to Hospital for the Triggers
Winter league XC Race on Sunday so first time on a bike for a while as due to the weather its been weights or running.  Thanks to all of you who have sent good wishes, prayers and support to Fiona my wife who has Breast Cancer.  She's very positive because of this.  In fact she's time keeper for this weekends race as she would like to get a bit of craic off her mates in the club.
Fiona on her bike

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