Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Touring & Off Piste. 6 Things You Need For Christmas

IMHO the best book around for those new to being avy savy.  Only £6 from Amazon
Need any of these give me a call.  Special offers for MRT's on Avalanche PPE and for Guides/MIC pro users prices on request at extremely competitive prices.

Dynafit "Guide" Ski oh so light!

Dynafit Freeride Binding. Featherweight

Dynafit "Zeus" TF -X Boots, Alpine performance at half the weight

BCA Float 30 ABS. Cheaper by a mile than any other ABS system and easier to refill
Tracker 2. The fastest and only "real time" transceiver. Cheaper than competing beacons and outperforms them
All of the above available from crankitupgear.com stockist of the full range of Dynafit, BCA and Whitedot ski equipment.

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