Thursday, 24 November 2011

Avy Kit - Glencoe & Nevis Range Skiers Discount

As a special for folk who ski regularly at Glencoe or Nevis Range I will knock 10% of the RRP of this gear and arrange via the net/forums a meet up at Glencoe or Nevis Ranges Beacon parks and give a couple of hours on avalanche avoidance and companion rescue for free to folk who's names I have who take up the offer.

Back country Access have  the best kit for the Freeride, Slack/Backcountry skier. Designed by folk at the top of their game, the gear is well styled, light, very strong and reliable. BCA are not a purely money motivated crew. There is a big emphasis on education and prevention. I really like the fact that when the company hear of a success using their kit they get a carry out of beers from the micro brewery next door and everyone has a few.  BCA are not a huge company but a small dedicated crew. I really like the company ethos and the small dedicated crew who make it happen and for the right reasons.

I know how good kit needs to be having been a pro patroller and avy educator, and having been at the sharp end of over 70 avalanche rescues while also maintaining my own enthusiasm for getting out there when it dumps.  The T1 Beacon is still one of the best and easiest to use value for money beacons.  The T2 is a bit faster and better at close searches and beats the pants of it's rivals for reliability, ease of use and speed as well as price.  I can do ex demo T1's for £135 or new ones.  The ex demo's are in mint condition.  The shovel and probe shown below are bomb proof and designed to lay flatter when inside a pack.  Having kit on the outside where it can be ripped off in a slide is not a good idea. BCA packs are designed for ease of access when the shit hits the fan, but BCA shovels lay nicely in any pack.  

Crankitupgear, which is between Glencoe and Nevis on the A82 will be a refill centre for the BCA Float system of Air Bags.  So pop them to your hearts content in practice and for a minimal fee, (or maybe if its saved your arse for Free!) and I will refill them.  Give me your story, maybe some pics and I might also give you a carryout. You don't get offers like that from the Teutons.

Dont forget folks.  Getting avalanched means you have cocked up somewhere. Take care out there and if you need kit or advice I am always willing to help.  It's not just about money for me either, its about saving lives through prevention and consequence reduction.  

B1 ext Shovel RRP £44.95

Float 30 Air Bag   RRP £629

Stash OB Pack RRP £90

Tracker 2 Beacon RRP £285

Tracker 1 Beacon RRP £225

Profile 240 Probe RRP £49.95

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