Wednesday, 26 October 2011

BCA Training Day

Just back from a great day at Glenmore Lodge meeting up with other retailers of BCA products or who work in the off piste ski business.  The day was hosted at Glenmore by Anatom the UK importer of BCA kit. Stu from Facewest was there, so we talked a lot of Beacon talk the two of us over Lunch.  There was also quite a few folk I know at the day so we all had a good chinwag and look at the products for 2012 as well as some really good stuff on running training sessions and teaching.  It's so easy to think you know enough, but yet when it comes to it there are lots of things that come out of these sessions so thanks to Anatom and especially Bruce for running an informative day.
Bruce Edgerly (R) & Anatom MD (L)

Using SP mode correctly

Float 30 ABS

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