Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Cycle Hire, Quality and Family Activities

Weather wise it's a disappointing summer.  One activity that can be done is getting out on a bike. I have some competition on my doorstep for hire it seems. CranKitUp Gear as a  family business to fulfil a local need for repairs and spares and give visiting families an activity was always too good an idea for someone else not to jump onto, and it seems that a new local business has jumped me by hiring bikes in Glenachullish and Ballachulish. Glencoe Mountain also hire bikes but good quality ones and their developments will benefit all mountain bikers. I have a good working relationship with them as I do with Nevis Cycles. I would not dream of taking their trade or setting up on their doorstep. We often send trade to each other based on customer needs and availability and this networking is the key to good working partnerships to give visitors a good experience and holiday in the Highlands.  My response to the new competition will be an HTC Highroad one a la Mark Cavendish - tuck in, knuckle down and give a quality finish consistently and as part of a team of other local cycle providers and repairers who know the business.

CranKitup Gear has an extensive range of maps, treasure hunts and geocaching sites to give a cycle based activity day. It's so satisfying to have folk come back having had a good experience on reliable well maintained cycles. Why have a steel "V" brake banger when you can have a reliable FELT or a Merida serviced by someone who knows what their doing and willing to work with the other high quality providers of cycle hire to give customers good value.  You get what you pay for .......................

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