Monday, 13 September 2010

Peak to Peak Race

Hand Cyclists - Disabled not in their thinking
Saturday was grim weather.  The final climb up Cairngorm against the wind up the steep "down" track was torture.  Interesting event with some just wanting to complete and a few of us wanting to race hard - which we did.  Three of us worked hard and many said they couldn't take a turn out front.  some could but didn't which really pissed me off as at the end they tried to shaft us resulting in me wanting a boxing match at the end.  Still 3 of us finished in the same time 3:20 with the moral and actual victory mine.  Great folk running the event and the hand cyclists following us were truly inspirational.  This event will be bigger next year I am sure.
The final break with me getting my wheel sucked well and truly
Same time and glad it's over

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