Monday, 22 February 2010

Another Avalanche Near Miss

What a winter. These pics by regular Glencoe off pister Bob Gatting fairly show just how popular the "Freeride" concept is becoming.  Fiona skied this face 25 years ago, and it is usually done once or twice a season.  Now it's common as are the Corrie Ba and Cam Glen itineries. A Back Country Transceiver Park couldnt be put in a better place. Great weather so shouldn't moan, but it would be nice to get another top up of fresh by the weeks end.  Fingers crossed.
Jumping The Cornice - Airborne
WTF? Glencoe Ski Club Member Nearly Gets Taken Out By an Avalanche

The crown below the scarp is visible top left
NW Aspect Nearly Skied Out

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