Saturday, 27 February 2010

Avalanche on the Glades

Interesting skiing today in Glencoe. Big sastrugi off piste facing the East wind and big loading on the East side of the mountain.  Unfortunately two well known off pisters had a slide over on "Camasutra"(?) with a crown wall of about a meter and a long trip down for a few hundred feet, luckily on the surface. Both guys were very cold and one had a broken ankle. Tried to ski in but as you will see in the picture there was near thing, so decided it was safer to get a helicopter.  Skiing back to the car from the summit later was nice.
Rannald Bailley and the crack Glencoe Patrollers were on the wrong side of -  but quickly slid back over.  This propogated up the hill beyond what is visible and caused a big slide that went past the two original victims below.  Dense hard slab and very deep.   A near miss!

The crown wall from the Avlx the victims triggered. Ski sticks 120cm approx, so 1.5m Crown Wall.  It went accross the Cam Glen gulch and up the other side a bit.  Pretty Big! Good pic from Blair Fyffe SAIS Blog
Middle picture just below the ridge you can see the crown wall

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