Friday, 16 October 2009

Local Champions

Above - Alastair MacLenan - World Champion

Alex Glasgow - Best Scottish and GB XC Racer

Alastair MacLenan from Fort William has won all four jerseys in Downhill this season. Scottish Champ, British Champ, European, and now the coveted Rainbow jersey of World Champion. What an achievment!

Alex Glasgow of Nevis Cycles RT narrowly missed a podium place at the World Masters in Pra Loup France. After a great XC season where Alex took on the best that the GB have - and demolished them he got a place at the Worlds and had an outstanding race.

I despair that local and UK national press make nothing of these major achievments. Even British Cycling which IMHO is an English centric Olympic body have not publicised these two lads much. Well if they won't do it we local riders can at least offer a "chapeu" as is customery in French cycling in recognition of a big effort or achievment.


  1. hiya davy. the pic you have maked as alastair is actually ben cathro from oban. wearing his oh so fetching mojo speed suit!!

  2. hey, thanks very much for the support. It is very kind! I was a bit frustrated that there was no mention on the British Cycling website (or even Scottish Cycling) of my 4th in Praloup. F**k 'em I suppose, but that is a bit of a shame too. I suppose old folk don't matter so much... Never mind, I was happy - it was the most exciting and balls-out racing i have ever done, and I had a SUPERB time there, so thats fine! :-)

  3. No worries lads. Pra Loup is especially special to me personally as my wife and I worked there for 6 months pre MTB tracks (and children. Amazing that it's now well known, as it wasn't then!