Sunday, 25 October 2009

Fort to Fort

35 mile off road XC. Many thanks to Andy, Coleen & Andrew, and Jim Maxwell and all the other marshalls who made today's race so good. I have been under the weather with a sinus infection and nearly gave it a miss due to this and the awful weather. Resting HR was up this morning and at 65% just sitting on the bike. I should have wound my neck in, but couldn't resist racing in the end. Costly though, as I am now unwell big time. Ed with his CX bike got me at the end, but if I hadn't balls'd it up at Invergarry it wouldnt' have happened (turned as I thought I was going wrong way). Probably only lost one place though and Ed was going well. It was bit like a TT for most of the event, as I couldnt' catch the first group and get a wheel. 11th out of 48 though, so happy. Fiona also did well at 3 hours. She has hardly been on a bike as she has been gardening and decorating the house, so good effort. The graph shows my outragous HR graph which is way above my normal for an event like this. I need a long rest and "off season" as next year has some big events.


  1. that poor ticker of yours,nice to see you are taking it easy,
    love the Ossians cave story,,what a great time to have climbed in,what great characters,all the best,sean

  2. Jhon Arthur was one of the original Glencoe MRT and had Lagnaha farm in Duror. His youngest son Dermid married my wife's sister Angela a few years on.