Saturday, 21 March 2009

XC Sprint at Worlds

In 2009  the first XC Sprint event at the Fort William World Cup.

Well folks heres one for your diarys.  Myself and several others are up for it.  Even though old I seem to be put into the elite class, maybe because I tank the odd younger bloke on the long courses where the TT heart and legs can sustain big watts/kg on a big ring claiming time and postion on the fire roads.  I can see me getting well slapped down on this one where the Bossards, Maxwells and Gallachers will have the max HR to cope with the fierce up's -  and steep down on the downhill course.

It’s a new, exciting short course race for Elite XC riders that will put them in front of the crowds waiting for Sunday’s Downhill World Cup. The course will use the lower section of the 4X track and the finish line will be the same as the 4X and DH finish.

Lap times of around 2 minutes will ensure the race engages the 8-10,000 spectators readying themselves for the Downhill World Cup Finals.

The XC Sprint will bring XC racing into the best competition arena in the World, delivering exciting head to head racing for both spectators and competitors. The compact course also means the Big Screen will be able to show all the action.

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