Tuesday, 13 January 2009

CranKitUp Gear Update

Well folks for a new kid on the block starting a business in a recession, things are looking good despite it being low season. Steady work with repairs and maintenance for folk. Keeping things very much to this side of the Loch though, as I don't wish to compete with Lochabers two long established retailers for whom I have great respect. I am looking forward to the main holiday season as the two caravan and campsites will provide much of the bike hire. I believe the new outdoor concept hotel from the Crerar partnership will have the first bricks laid quite soon and it's this business that will ultimately make my hire business. My stock of spares is increasing almost daily, and my tools also. New bikes for hire from Merida are tweaked and ready to go. Retail sales of bikes are quiet at this time, but one new top of the range Merida road bike was bought this month and the customer is very happy.

We have been looking at Pete Laings trail maps for Brecklet and preliminary work shows a lot of self help potential along the lines of the Reds and Blacks we have made elsewhere. Glencoe has a lot of potential and if Glencoe Mountain gets it's downhill track sorted and the new Red they want then Lochaber might just compete with the 7 Stanes. We mustn't forget the already excellent Black off from Mamore, the Devils Staircase and the potential for much more road served biking from Mamore Lodge as well as the big long routes out to Luibelt and Ciaran.

That's the news for now folks. In the offing are trade accounts with Paramo as well as a deal from Vau De which is already in place. Don't forget it's not just bikes but also "Gear".

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