Monday, 28 October 2013

Rescue Rated Digging

Ortovox "KODIAK" Shovel for Mountain Rescue £69
Tough mountaineering shovel with unique clearing function and practical D-grip! Our KODIAK shovel boasts the largest shoveling volume (3.1 liters) in our product line, so it can safely be called the fastest of the bunch. The blade is also extremely rigid (AL 6061 T6 is the perfect material for shovels), yet this tool is easy to pack and fits easily into any ORTOVOX backpack. Its cutting edge is sharpened and its upper edge is equipped with non-slip ridges. The shaft is oval (for greater rigidity) and has a telescopic, non-slip rubberised surface. The D-grip is considered the most ergonomic grip and aids powerful shoveling of snow.The clearing function is truly unique. The frictional connection between the shaft and blade is virtually indestructible, saving critical seconds when used to save your companion's life. The editors of Bergsteiger magazine also recognised the perfection of Kodiak and honoured the shovel with their "Best Shovel" award!

Blade: AL 6061 T6 (hardened), anodized
Handle: AL 6061 T6 (hardened)
Weight: 790g

320 Steel Rescue Spec Probe for Mountain Rescue £85
The probe of all rescue organisations. The 320+ Steel Pro pfa is indestructible. The pfa quick-release tension system stretches the probe using a sturdy steel cable pull line within seconds; absolutely safe against moving elements. It is collapsed just as quickly and put together. The steel segment diameter of 12 mm makes the Steel Pro extremely resilient and rigid. It is delivered with a length of 320 cm, but can be extended using additional segments. The burial depths can be read on the segments. The grip sleeve made of EVA foam provides comfortable handling even during longer practices. Like all ORTOVOX probes, it is delivered with a practical quick-release cover. 
Weight: 670gm

Volume discount to MRT and Ski Patrol

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