Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Avalanches, Airbags and Rice Crispies

The Backcountry Access Float 32 is designed for pros, guides, and dedicated backcountry skiing and snowboarding junkies carrying the full quiver of essentials. The Float 32 will carry all your common winter backcountry tools while supplying ample space for a first-aid kit, glacier travel equipment, and even supplies for extended multi-day trips. The trigger can be set in either the left or right shoulder strap, is hydration compatible, and the airbag system is removable, making it the most versatile airbag backpack on the market.

Durable 330 Double Rip-Stop and 840 Ballistic Nylon
Volume: 1,593 cubic inches / 32 liters
Weight: 6.4 pounds / 2,903 grams including cylinder
Warranty: 3 years
Colour: Red
Bag Height: 23" / 58.5 cm
Bag Width: 11.5" / 29 cm

The Backcountry Access Float 22 is designed for out-of-bounds, off-piste, freeride and mechanized skiing and snowboarding. Creating buoyancy and helping you float to the surface, the 150-liter airbag not only decreases your burial depth but also protects your head and neck from trauma in an avalanche. The lightest and most affordable airbag backpack available, the Float 22 will easily carry your winter rescue tools, lunch, water, and extra layer for a full day in the backcountry. New for the 2012/2013 season, BCA's Float system is now removable and interchangeable between packs. BCA's 165 authorized refill locations around the world make it the easiest refillable airbag system on the market.

Durable 330 Double Rip-stop and 840 Ballistic Nylon
Volume: 1,343 cubic inches / 22 liters
Weight: 5.5 pounds / 2,495 grams including cylinder
Warranty: 3 years
Colour: Available in blue/yellow and black
Bag Height: 19"  / 48 cm
Bag Width: 10" /25.5 cm

The Float Airbag system does not guarantee survival in an avalanche incident.  Educate yourself, make good decisions, and know before you go.                                                                                              

Sold separately for 2012/13. Comes with Consumer Refill Kit. Shipped full unless requested empty by dealer. DOT, TC, and TUV certified.  BCA has a rapidly expanding network of convenient Float refill and cylinder exchange centers.  For central Scotland and the West Coast your nearest refill centre is at Glencoe www.crankitupgear.com  tel 01855811 694 mob 07746860023        

Be in no doubt airbags are lifesavers hugely increasing your chance of surviving an avalanche by keeping you on the surface. The big advantage of the BCA system is using compressed air to inflate the bag and ease of refill through a local refill centre.  Many other manufacturers are moving to compressed air systems, but unlike BCA they do not ship refillable cylinders to the UK market only north America.  However, should you have a refillable air cylinder regardless of make I will fill it for you.  Please replace your "O" rings using the supplied kit.  For Anatom/Crankitupgear customers a refill only with "O" ring replaced will be only £5.  £10 if we have to replace the "O" ring.  All other customers £10 a refill.  It's always worth a trial pop of your bag to get a feel for the trigger and importantly for learning to re-pack the air bag.

If you want a good Beacon then the DTS 2 is the one for you. North America's best-selling avalanche transceiver. BCA's Tracker2 offers the industry's fastest, most precise pinpointing, with triple receive antenna, instantaneous real-time display, and the same easy-to-use interface as the Tracker DTS. An intuitive mechanical search/transmit switch makes it easy to use right "out of the box." Thinner profile and harness than the Tracker DTS. This beacon includes Special Mode and multiple burial indicator lights.  

Avoiding Avalanches is always a better idea.  Clachaig Inn have gained sponsorship for four winter safety lectures through Febuary 2013.  Well worth attending. If you require some on snow training at one of the Anatom/BCA Beacon parks at Nevis Range or Glencoe, or snow safety training in Scotland then give me a call on the numbers above or email. Internationally go to the BCA educators list at www.backcountryaccess.com educators where you will also see me listed.

My lecture for the 19th Feb is on avalanche avoidance and companion rescue and called  "Snap, Crackle and Pop". Come and have a beer.

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