Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Age Related Decline in Speed

It seems that even with carbon technology, training, with the ability to push oneself to the point of collapse at 106% of previous max heart rate, you just can't push back the years. Despite being 55 my head is still writing cheques my body can't cash, and nothing will give me back the 30 years required to be where I was in my peak when I was (even though I say it myself) pretty fast on a bike and winning the odd thing.  Since giving climbing a back seat and concentrating on a senior vet "comeback" I have kept a list of times for the local club TT's.  This year more than ever the power is just not there, despite the technology. I used to do a 10 TT in 23m on a drop bar bike and 21 on TT bars although on better roads than the local course.  Now 25m seems like a goal even on a guuchi bike.  Maybe the new legal performance booster Beetroot Juice will help - but then maybe not.
click over to enlarge.  By 2015 will I need a motor?

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