Saturday, 17 December 2011

BCA Training Park Glencoe

Awesome snow cover up at Glencoe. Possibly the best early conditions in decades.  Wide complete cover all the way from the summit back to the car.  A few medium slabs were triggered this morning by ski patrol but overall conditions are tremendous.  I installed the BCA training park today.  Some pictures of what greeted me below.  Next year I will take the kit home for maintenance as the weather has taken its tole on the wires and the control box and it really needs a bit of care.  Take care if using the park as although I have buried the beacons 50/100cm down into the snowpack I was unable to get the wires down below 12cm due to a hard crust and being knackered from all the digging.  I believe an MRT will be using the site tomorrow and many folk came to me wanting advice and future training today.
2m of snow over the park

The tin probe strike covers dug out

100m of wire to unravel!

Two kite boarders who had a ball!

All buried and ready to be used - me? knackered!