Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tracker Avalanche Transceiver/Beacon Searching

Still waiting on the snow here in the West of Scotland.  Folks are antsy as the met is now showing some white stuff next week. Until then why not get out the back country safety kit and have a practice with like minded friends.  Recently on  "Winter Highland"  a forward thinking guy tried to get some folk together but with no success.  A shame as folk need to run the drills to get slick. I hope he tries again as its a good initiative. I still have a couple of ex demo T1's for £130 and of course the new T2's at a good price as well as shovels and probes.

Also a link to follow for you folks out there sceptical about the efficacy of Air Bag Systems. Well folks they seem to work and at less the £650 for the BCA Float that doesn't seem too bad to save a life.  I can take you to many sites where the RRP of a pair of fat boys with rocker will set you back more than that before you even buy la fixations.  Check this and the clip below out:

Avalanche, from Different Perspectives 

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