Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Special Offers - New Bikes & Ex Hire

It's near the end of the retail year for cycle manufacturers with the 2012 cycles nor coming on the market ready for the spring in the Southern hemisphere where sales are huge.  2011 bikes come on special offer at this time so if your interested in grabbing yourself a bargain let me know and I will look out for you.

I will also have two good ex hire bikes to sell off soon, one size 20 and one size 18 inch frame.  These are only 3 months old.  Hardtails with good lockout front forks and shimano drivetrain.  RRP £470 but with a full service to a local I would sell for £295.  These particular bikes have not seen hard use only being on the cycle track. The harder used ones go cheaper and I have none left 2nd hand at the moment as my stock is all kept less than 3 months old.  A great buy for a local looking for a good spec cycle.  I don't sell these on to visitors prefering to keep them for folk who live in or near the area.

I pride myself on having high quality cycles for hire so that guests in the area are not dissapointed by mechanical issues and have a good experience.  My main hire cycle is Merida who are very well known and respected in Europe where 60% of those who hire are from.  In fact in July next year I may get a Belgian flag and offer a TdF special discount as they are a cycling (and beer) mad nation!  Any local pub with ITV 4 on live from the tour and a special beer would do a roaring trade.  I have had dozens of folk in each day wanting results and asking to watch this incredible cycle race.  Maybe I should get a table licence?

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