Sunday, 23 January 2011

New Avalanche Resource from SAIS

The SAIS have a new resource for those wanting to see avalanche activity over the preceeding days, weeks or season.  Here's a snapshot.  On going to the link you will see sub menues next to the red dots giving details.  This is a great resource and should also give folk a "heads up" on sites where risks and events are more common.  skiers should take heed as a lot happens "inbounds" or close by on Creise where there are some great lines. Below is a picture of the avlx that took a snowboarder (my neighbour!) and he had to be dug out. Unlike skiers, boarders can't come out their bindings so when buried get really stuck!

Boarder being avlxd Canyon Glencoe 9th Jan 11 - SAIS picture


Spring Run avlx Crown 9th Jan 11

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