Wednesday, 5 August 2009

CranKitUpGear & Livestrong

We now have a local Livestrong army to which anyone wanting to join my charity ride can join up by contacting me to add the the Livestrong data base. Be willing to cycle a distance - any distance on the tour that test's you as a personal challenge. I hope to have the CranKitUpGear & Livestrong team on the Livestrong database soon. It will be the first and only one in the UK as far as I can tell.

Why am I doing this ?
Bugger me if a 38 year old can nearly win the Tdf after a 3 year break and then take on Alberto who himself has had major burst in his "Circle of Willis" then why not be inspired! I did "The Gallop & Grind" last year which was an excellent event conceived by Sharon Fraser, an extremely courageous woman who sadly passed on. "No Fuss" via Fraser/Chloe etc really supported her and are to be commended on running the event again this year. Unfortunately it invloves running, which I only do as cross training during the winter. It really buggers my legs running at this time and as I now have recurring knee problems I need to watch, otherwise I would undoubtidly "Gallop & Grind again for a worthy and worthwhile cause.

The Ascetic side of me wants to to do something to make up for missing this event. Also a good friend was nearly but not quite written off by what was thought to be cancer this summer and told they only had a short time to live (it wasn't as it turned out but it was still something nasty), and at the time Fiona and I were devasted. I made a pledge at the time that I would do something- anything, to fight the disease using the only tools I can (work output in watts) to raise awareness and importantly funds. So that's where this "Tour of Lochaber" is at. I hope to be suitably fucked at the end of the ride otherwise it wont have fed the ascetic side of me or done justice to the concept. I hope the support I am receiving from the Livestrong foundation helps and importantly inspires others to join the CranKitUpGear & Livestrong team.

The Lance Armstrong Foundation

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