Saturday, 13 June 2009

Cairngorm 50 Sportif

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Rain and waterlogged roads with fog at the mountain start and finish made this a re run of the Bealach Beag. Bloody Cairngorm car park was a stony mess and the broken cross drain at the start cost me and 30 others a puncture. The descent was dangerous and all in the start was unsafe IMHO. 8 mins out to sort the tyre and puncture then it was 30 miles on my own to catch a fast group of uppwardly mobile proffessionals all in Castelli clothing and Cervello bikes. They couldn't organise themselves and despite offering to take a spell I got a tow for a bit then left them for dead on the climb as they tried to outclimb me. It was with great satisfaction that I got 7 mins ahead of them as they blew up. Quite happy with my official 2:48 but the 2:40 without the puncture would have been better. A dry day would have allowed more off the brakes on the dodgy start. The profile shows me in TT mode and my HR was too high for this length of event and should have been in the aerobic endurance/Average road race band more. Means I will suffer for a few days and the 25TT will need to be thought about.

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