Sunday, 17 May 2009

Gears & Climbing

On the average of 6.8% with a top at 21%, several climbs at 12% with another 50 miles to do on the Mor in September, I got to thinking about cassettes. My top ring on the Beag was a 25 and bottom 11 on a compact 50/34. Given the wind I could have spun more in the saddle with less honking with a 26 or 27. Trouble is most Shimano & SRAM cassettes are standard at 11-25 0r 12-27 HG or 12-26/28 SRAM (most Shimano road rear derailleurs only accept 11 to 27). Dura Ace has an 11-27 but at over £120!

The 11 is a must to avoid being under powered on a compact, so the solution top and bottom seems to be to make your own block. Buy any Shimano 12-27 and take out the fixed top section which is 21-24-27 and replace your 21-23-25 with this, but keep the 11-12-13-14-15-17-19. For only £30 you can get the perfect 11-27 covering all bases on a compact.

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