Sunday, 22 July 2018

Ortovox 3+ Recall for Software Update

Lots of folks will have the Ortovox 3+ Please fill in and send the online form after 25th May. Postage and upgrade free


Dear ORTOVOX Customer

Feedback from our SAFETY ACADEMY PARTNERS has revealed that, in some very rare situations, temporary disruption of the transmission function may occur on our 3+ avalanche transceivers. This can lead to prolongation of the search process. The reason for the disruption is a software error.
There have been no known accidents caused by the software error. As a precautionary measure to ensure our customers are not at risk, we are recalling all 3+ transceivers running software version 2.1. Devices affected by the recall may no longer be used without the required software update.
The following information is confidential and for your internal use only. Should you wish to publish information on your channels, then please use the press release only.
Which devices are affected?
This precautionary recall applies exclusively to ORTOVOX 3+ avalanche transceivers running software version 2.1.
3+ devices running the following software: 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 2.2 – no matter what color – and all other ORTOVOX avalanche transceivers (S1+, S1, ZOOM) are not affected.
How do I know which software version is running on my ORTOVOX 3+?
Push the search/send switch into the send position. For this to work, the switch has to be pushed in! Now switch on your 3+. This information will be displayed consecutively:
·         10-digit serial number
·         Display test screen
·         Remaining battery capacity
If 1.1, 2.0 or 2.2 is displayed: Your device is NOT affected.
If NO NUMBER is displayed, your device is running software version 1. This device is NOT affected
What is the disruption?
Temporary disruption of the transmission signal’s pulse may occur on rare occasions. If this happens, the breaks between the transmission signals may be prolonged by a few milliseconds. If this happens when the device is searching, confusing messages may be temporarily displayed on the transceiver. This may cause time to be lost in the search.
How much longer might the search time then be?
Searching will still be possible during the disruption, but it will be more difficult. We cannot generalize as to whether the disruption will last just a few seconds or whether it will be longer. This depends upon the type of disruption and the behavior of the person searching.
What is causing the disruption?
It is caused by a software error in version 2.1. A software component that was changed when updating from 2.0 to 2.1 is responsible for the pulse variation. In rare cases, the 2.1 software will transmit to the antenna in varying transmission periods.
Why wasn’t the error discovered beforehand?
Our avalanche transceivers undergo 100% comprehensive quality control and are tested several times for functionality before distribution. Despite our comprehensive quality control measures, we have now discovered a scenario that has never before occurred in our QA processes.
How did we discover the error?
The error was discovered during intensive training sessions by ORTOVOX SAFETY ACADEMY partners. The error was identified and rectified in the following internal tests.

The new software version 2.2 will rectify the error. It will ensure that the transmission pulse will remain constant. Devices can be sent in to our ORTOVOX service point to have the new software version installed free of charge FROM MAY 25 onwards. Devices cannot be sent in any earlier. Please do not use any other form of shipping and do not include other products with the device(s).

All necessary information about the recall can be found on our website: In addition to our website, you can also contact us at and on our hotline: 089- 66674-215.

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